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The name and vision of our original studio FIFTH SUN GRAPHIX, which made its debut in the summer of 2006, continues to thrive and define our true culture and core values. When popular culture misunderstood and equated the Aztec calendar as being an end or destruction, we here at Fifth Sun Graphix long subscribed to this as a time where A New Creation Takes Form.
The artist here at Fifth Sun are as diverse in their backgrounds as our clients. When you choose our studio for your very first tattoo as a rite of passage or a new addition to your growing collection, you can expect to be treated with respect. We provide you the highest quality of care, communication and competence while creating a one of a kind piece of art for our clients to display for a lifetime.

**Specializing in Freehand, Black & White, Portraits, all forms of piercing, etc.

As the founder Adrian Guardiola, has had the honor of seeing many through apprenticeships where both student and teacher absorb one another's experience, creativity and love of this unique canvas- Your skin. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect to sharing in his knowledge with those who have sought his tutelage is how difficult it was in times past to find the proper instruction for this form of art. Having been self-taught, there is a reward in every one of his student's successes. In a time where the choices are endless and the tattoo industry is saturated with many who are experimenting in tattooing- not as a passion but as cultural capitol, we encourage you to choose the artists here at Fifth Sun Graphix who are absolutely committed to constantly evolving and remaining a relevant resource for proving your body art.